It removes darkness on knees and elbows by the baking soda power!
Double-boosted power of carbonic bubble pack.
Power of Black Baking Soda Bubble floats and cleans the concerning crackling and roughness on knees and elbows.

1: Carbonic bubble covers dark knees and elbows and floats out the dirt. Washing off after 2 minutes, you get beautiful shiny skin!!
2:Contains twice as much sodium bicarbonate as conventional product. Black dense liquid stretches well and covers knees and elbows with small amount.
3: After 1 to 2 minutes from applying, it forms bubble and gives enjoyable fizzy feeling.
4: It cares the skin with cleaning the dart by skin peeling ingredients such as LACTOBACILLUS/PEAR JUICE FERMENT FILTRATE, LACTOBACILLUS/GRAPE JUICE FERMENT FILTRATE, GLYCOLIC ACID in addition to Urea.
5: It cleans the dirt by using only 1 to 2 times per week.

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