September 1994Establishment of DR Ltd.
Started cosmetic mail order business
December 1994Organization changed to DR Co., Ltd.
1997Relocation of head office from Ikebukuro to Minami Aoyama
1999Brand partnership with Tom's of Maine in USA
2000Opened men’s aesthetic salon “STUDIO ZERO”
2001Relocation of head office from Minami Aoyama to Jingumae
2002Started wholesale business with "Beauty Rose ®"
2003年Relocation of head office from Jingumae to Moto-akasaka
Partnership with rose oil production farm “Enio Bonchev”
2004Brand partnership with CA BOTANA International Inc. in USA
2005Started mobile mail order business
2007Launched Tokyo Sales Division Headquarter
2008Won prizes for all 7 products for Monde Selection including the grand gold prize
Received prizes for total 92 products (52 products won the gold prize or higher) in the following 10 years
2010Signed MOU for international partnership for cosmetic technology alliance with Korea Government, Gyeongbuk and Gyeongsan city
Established 100% own subsidiary company “Shanghai Yizhou International Trading Co., Ltd.”
2011Acquisition of all shares of “Korea Cosmelab”
Launched retail distribution business
2012Established IPO Co., Ltd. (Korean cosmetic shop “SKIN GARDEN” in Shin-okubo) by joint investment with 3 companies
January 2015Establishment of GR Inc. (as sales agent for DR Co., Ltd.)
September 2015Completion of business transfer from DR Co., Ltd.

•Wholesale department (OEM business, Internet business, Catalog business, Store distribution business)
•Product development department, Logistics department, (part of) Accounting and general affairs department
January 2016Announcement of Business guideline "TOP 5 concept", "GLOBAL 10 BY 10" and "Double Circulation"
March 2016Approval of the management innovation plan of Tokyo by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
August 2016GR Inc. became fully independent by 100% equity acquisition
January 2017Announcement of Short Medium-term Management Plan
April 2017Relocation of head office from Akasaka to Akasaka-mitsuke
Total renewal of all product brands (KJ-STYLE / Girl's Makar / OTOKOKAKUMEI / Make Cover)
November 2017Launched a new brand “Nakunare” (JUSO series)
March 2018Launched a new brand “Cosme Recipe” (MY GEL BOTTLE series)
May 2018Announcement of Medium-Term Business Plan
September 2018Establishment of Hualele Inc. (100% owned by GR Inc.)
Expansion of exports in Asia countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, China)
Launched G9 brand (Korean partner company, Cosmelab)